We Give Thanks- Day 7

Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.- Psalm 100:4

Today’s message is short, but please don’t dismiss it. I kept asking the Lord what he wanted me to share, and it wasn’t until about 7pm that I received the verse above in my heart. The Lord said to me, “Thanksgiving births access”. This is a very powerful revelation, and I trust God to expand it in your hearts.

Praise and thanksgiving is the protocol for coming into the presence of the King of Kings.

Don’t think of this as a formula, but thanksgiving gives you access to God’s presence, and his majesty.

All of heaven resounds with praise and worship.

The angels and the elders are constantly praising and worshipping God.

That tells us that the presence of God provokes awe, wonder, praise and thanksgiving. It also shows that praise is the language of heaven.

You are Son of God, and part of a Royal Priesthood. It is important to understand and speak the language of the courts of heaven. Thanksgiving is a key, and it gives you access.

Thanksgiving prompt: Thank God for the access that you have to Him, and the freedom to come into His presence anytime without fear. Next, praise God spontaneously. The Holy Spirit says that He will give you the words to exalt the Lord with. If you can, spend some time dancing and rejoicing.

I advice that you journal your thanksgiving, it will help you engage in it more consciously, and in 50 days, you will have a record of gratitude. You can play the song below as you give thanks to God.

Lift Up Your Heads- Nathaniel Bassey

A special word for someone reading this: Jesus loves you. He will never leave you or give up on you, This is the sign you asked for.

PS: I watched this a few weeks ago and found it very enlightening.

Share this with a friend, and see you tomorrow by His grace.

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