About Me

I’m an investment professional focused on investing in early-stage startups solving difficult problems across Africa.

My work is centred around redesigning the current venture capital funding landscape for founders and investors, making it easier for individuals to raise or invest capital regardless of their socio-economic background. My goal is to build a future where purpose and prosperity are within everyone’s reach.

I currently lead the investment team at Future Africa, where I’ve led the process of sourcing and investing over $10 million in more than 50 startups. I’m also responsible for setting up the Future Africa Collective, a community of angel investors all over the world who co-invest with Future Africa in high growth startups across the continent.

I directly manage our portfolio and work with founders to build businesses that scale across Africa and globally.

I’ve worked in the African tech ecosystem in different capacities across marketing, content creation, operations and investing for close to a decade

I enjoy reading, teaching, speaking, writing, talking about Jesus, eating chocolate, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, my favourite colour is yellow!