Hi, I am

Barakat Adenike Sheriff

My friends call me Raks, and you can too!

I’m God’s best friend and my life’s goal is to become exactly like Jesus.

My partnership with God is expressed in many different ways and I live a multifaceted life.

I‘m an investment professional focused on investing in early stage startups solving difficult problems across Africa.

I currently lead the investment team at Future Africa, where I’ve led the process of sourcing and investing over 10 million dollars in more than 50 startups.


50 Days Of Gratitude 2023

We Give Thanks- Day 19

Dear reader, God knows you intimately and loves you wholly, completely and fully. You are fully known and deeply loved. God is not hesitant to

50 Days Of Gratitude 2023

We Give Thanks- Day 17

Thanksgiving multiplies. When we don’t have enough, or are lacking something, our first instinct is usually to complain or grumble. God does not like grumbling.


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